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Please sign this petition to ensure that all police in the UK are given proper mental health training.


Mental Health Protest in London 28/11

*Mods feel free to remove this post if you feel it is innapropriate*

The protest is being held at 4pm on the 28th of November at Springfield University Hospital (outside the main gates).

It will be a peaceful candle lit Virgil to remember all those who have died through the lack of care in the UK NHS MH system and to hightlight how insufficient mental health services are and to communicate to them that we need change.

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If you are interested please feel free to join:
The Facebook protest group page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=34496223162&ref=mf
The FaceBook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=49607686137&ref=mf
And: www.justice4kate.com
I hope it's okay to advertise this here, but I made a community specifically for bipolar people in the United Kingdom if anyone would like to join? :)


x-posted to a few bipolar/mental health comms

Nov. 11th, 2006

I'm starting EMDR next week. Does anyone have any experience of this? I'm really nervous.

CPN question & Eye care vouchers

First thing's first... how/why did you guys get a CPN? Do they always come to you? What to they do? What are they there for?

Secondly, I'm on Income Support so I can get a free eye test and money towards glasses. On the optician's website it says they are optical vouchers? Do I need to ask for these or just fill in a form at the opticians? I know I could phone but... well, I can't :p

x posted (sorry if you see this everywhere ;o;)

Phone trauma

I actually answered the phone today 'cause I thought it would be my dad telling me he was gonna be late since the trains were all delayed.

However, it was someone doing a survey about the NHS. I'm terrified on the phone but I'm fucking pissed with the way I've been treated so I decided to torment myself and go through it just to get my point across. I didn't really know a lot about anything he was saying, and I was so scared and nervous that I was shaking and almost crying and wasn't really listening to anything he said! I kept saying "Pardon? ;o;" ... bleh. Got eventually to GPs and I told him how totally crappy and rude and unhelpful mine was ... "your GP doesn't sound up to much!" I laughed a bit and said something about her being a nasty piece of work and when the end came around I was so relieved...

But then he asked if it was okay to keep my details, because they were going to have a discussion/meeting thing locally about the issues and maybe I'd like to go? Of course, being terrified of places I don't know, I wouldn't like to go but I said yes because I couldn't think of a different way to phrase "no"... for some reason, I can't refuse people on the phone :|

I told him my real name and he said "that's a very pretty name" ;o; asidhiasdh I wanted to DIE, I swear. I just said thank you with a retarded girlish giggle at the end ¬¬ He gave me his name (which I immediately forgot!) and asked if I wanted their phone number to get in touch and ask questions... I said no because I couldn't be dealing with saying "just let me get a pen and paper :DDD" ... not that I would have phoned back anyway, but still! Refusal is the lesser of the two evils when it comes to needing something to write with on the phone.

When I put the phone down I was shaking so hard I could hardly pick anything up and hold it.

I just... I'm so crap on the phone. I wish I could just be normal... like, I could just talk on the phone without crying and getting so scared. What are they gonna do? Jump through the phoneline and stab me? I can't understand why it's so hard... answering the phone is difficult but using it to call someone? Impossible.

Also, it frightens me that the only way I can overcome my anxiety is to become incredibly angry; the only reason I managed to get treatment for depression from my GP was because, after 3 visits, I finally became so enraged that I shouted her down, demanded a referral and glared at her until she agreed.

I hate the phone! ;o;!!!

Leant behaviour?

Hello everyone! I have had anxiety for a long time, in fact a very long time (ever since I was 8 roughly). What I’d like to ask everyone is, do you have members in your family suffering mental illness of any kind? I feel my anxiety may have been leant off my farther, or he helped cause it (he's been very diffcult to live with). I was wondering if anyone felt the same way. Not that I am asking you to blame people for your problems, I’m just wondering that’s all.

Also, I find if I’m with someone outside I don’t have anxiety, unless taken somewhere I really don’t like anyway (pubs/clubs). Is anyone the same way? When with someone I can trust it just goes totally away. I find it frustrating that it still means I still have it if I have no one to lean on. I hate being dependant! On my own I don’t even have the will power to go out my local area. If people talk to me while I’m alone I feel jumpy and go blank. To walk down a road I have never been before leads me quickly to panic.
Does anybody else find that if you ask the doctor for help with anxiety in social situations they just carry on as if you haven't even said anything? It's happened with a fair few now and I'm a bit curious about it. Not sure if they think I'm trying to get controlled drugs out of them or something.

I usually phrase it like, "Is there a particular antidepressant that is useful for social anxiety?" but they just ignore it.

Anyone else found this?


I maintain the community agoraphobia_uk and I am adding this community to the profile for others to find. Please don't hestitate if you are looking for somewhere to rant find advice and support.

Support is good :)

to the maintainer, feel free to add agoraphobia_uk aswell if you want to !

( on another note I had no idea there was a UK anxiety comm. It's a relief because the services here are pretty unique and its easy to feel completly alone in all this... I'll be posting here a lot no doubt so pleased to meet you!!!)