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Anxiety UK

Panic & Anxiety Disorders - UK Edition
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This is for anybody who has ever had any problem with an anxiety disorder who is in the UK. This includes anyone concerned about friends or family.

Discuss problems, treatments, ask questions. Please join, post a little about yourself and pass this place on to anyone who may find it useful. Discussion of depression is also welcome, since the two are so often intertwined.

Why I created it: There are other anxiety communities, but nothing I could find was UK Based, so here we are.
Why UK only? Most other communities are largely US-based, since LJ is mostly US anyway! (See panic_anxiety for example). Since the UK has a very different system of healthcare to most places - and a system I don't really "get" - I figured it'd be more useful if we were all clumped together and could help each other out :)

Useful links:
National Phobics Society