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I have just joined this group.  I am having trouble finding anyone else with a teenager with school phobia.  Can you help please.  

A little bit about my son.

He is 13.  He has had problems since starting primary school.  In primary school they thought it was just a child thing.  Since starting secondary school it has got progressively worse.  He changed secondary schools in Oct 2005 as a student from his previos school attempted to burn his hair with a lighter on the bus to school.  I was with him as i had to go for a meeting at the school.  The lad did not realise.  Damian did not say anything to the lad as he came near him.  I had to step in as he would have burnt him.  He had already done it to another child.  The lad shut up when i said i was his mother.  I reported it at the school but my son would not go back there at all from that day.

He passed the entrance exam to the school he goes to now.  He has done one whole day.  It has gone down hill since.  He ended up not even being able to go to registration.  We had a connexions worker.  

Now after nearly a year the learning support have just got to know about him wich i think is disgusting.  They wanted him to do counselling in the school then go into lessons.  I said he will not be able to do that.  On Monday he went to counselling and when it ended he freaked as he knew he was to go to class.  I had another meeting Tuesday and it was suggested by me while they sort out tier 3 CAMHS, tutor etc.  He was not going to be coming into school until its sorted apart from his counselling session.  I asked what would happen to his education and they would not sort anything so i suggested that i teach him his lessons in the library.  The teachers set the work and i teach him.  

I do not know how long this is going to take.

I am after finding other parents that are going through this.  Any support groups.  I live near Bromley Kent.

All the authorities that are involved i have asked and i do not get much of an answer from them.
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new here

Hi, My name is Michelle.
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I've created a community for socially anxious singles: sa_singles . Being socially anxious myself, I know it can be hard to meet people online. The community is still new so it needs to build up more members. If anyone would like to join, please do!

I'm sorry if this advert is out of place or a nuisance here.
This post is to do with the fact that Hertfordshire Partnership Trust (HPT), which provides mental health services to a third of patients in Hertsmere, has been asked to make cuts of £5 million five per cent of its budget for next year.

Remember, you can put a price on your actions but not on their consequences

hey. im new here. i mainly joined because i have a sister who suffers from stuff this. mind you the doctors haven't been too good, they prescribed her Prozac [anti-depressant] which didn't help cause you see she gets depressed but its because of the anxiety, thats where all her self-harm[cutting] etc. comes from, i think. she hasn't been out for ages. and has started feeling sick and shaking just around friends. 

though the thing is. i think i may of had something that could be described as a panic-attack? it was in school when they were giving out certificates and I started getting terrified i would get called out. my heart beat became irregular and fast. i started sweated like mad. and  my breathing was coming out irregular, i was having problems breathing&couldnt control it. and i felt dizzy, and sick and then when my name didnt get called out and it was all over, it was only then i could just about calm myself down. i also had a similar experience when i was in the doctor's wating room for a check-up.

-becca x

Bleugh :(

I had my first panic attack in ages last night. I was only thinking the day before, that it must have been a month or so since I'd last had one, and that was the longest I'd been free of them since they started.

Ho hum. The good news is I managed to fight it. The anxiety didn't entirely go away all evening, but the main thing is I was out with friends at a show, and could so easily have made my excuses and left. It seemed to be being in this big auditorium that had brought it on. But I made myself stay, and was very glad I did as it was a fantastic show.

Also, one other thing. This is something very weird that happens to me, often - but not always - when I'm panicking. And it came on last night. Does anyone else ever get the sensation that someone's shoved a spoon or similar object down your throat? It really is the most bizarre symptom, but I've been getting it for a while. It makes me feel choked up and like I'm going to throw up. Thoughts anyone????
Job interviews + social anxiety.

Personally in such an environment I can manage the talking side of things but the anxiety really shows out via sweating and serious fidgeting.

What works for you in combating the natural stress of a job interview with the stress that follows around us social anxiety lot?

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Hi there I just joined! My name is Sarah, I'm 19 & I suffer from a load of annoying disorders/syndromes:
    - Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)
    - Agoraphobia & Paranoia
    - Trichotillomania/Dermatillomania (Cps)
    - & the obvious depression to accompany
I have only been recently been diagnosed with these various problems (most I have had since early childhood) because I only recently picked up enough courage to discuss my problems with my doctor. I am having therapy (Cognitive behavior therapy) although I am not finding it too helpful. I've also been prescribed Fluoxetine by my doctor & I've still not felt any effect of the medicine.

I just can't stand having the PVFS & Agoraphobia - I just know if I only had one of these I would easily be able to achieve more each day. I cannot work because the agoraphobia just makes the PVFS so much worse. Then this gives me terrible money troubles (not helping with the anxiety) - & I still haven't been able to pick up the courage to get myself on disability allowance (even though my previous employer, doctor & careers advisor have all suggested for me to).. I just feel like I don't deserve it. I just get so many people calling me lazy all the time because they misunderstand my PVFS.. & it just makes me think that the benefits people are going to think the exact same things about me.

Anyway, end of rant! I was wondering how many other people here have the combination of PVFS (or ME, Fibro etc) & Agoraphobia (& also possibly Trichotillomania/Dermatillomania)?

Hello (cross-posted to panic_anxiety)

Hello, I'm Fuchsia. I'm 22 but currently still living with my parents, and over the last year or so I've been getting what I think are panic attacks, and for about 2-3 years I've been having problems with general anxiety, lack of motivation and depression.

I was wondering whether anyone had recommendations for websites with more information about different aspects of anxiety and depression, because I'm not sure quite how to classify my problems and I'd like to be coherent when I go to a doctor about it. Also, links to support groups or helplines, or advice about where to go or what to do about it - anything that you think could be useful for a newbie, really. :)

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