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Leant behaviour?

Hello everyone! I have had anxiety for a long time, in fact a very long time (ever since I was 8 roughly). What I’d like to ask everyone is, do you have members in your family suffering mental illness of any kind? I feel my anxiety may have been leant off my farther, or he helped cause it (he's been very diffcult to live with). I was wondering if anyone felt the same way. Not that I am asking you to blame people for your problems, I’m just wondering that’s all.

Also, I find if I’m with someone outside I don’t have anxiety, unless taken somewhere I really don’t like anyway (pubs/clubs). Is anyone the same way? When with someone I can trust it just goes totally away. I find it frustrating that it still means I still have it if I have no one to lean on. I hate being dependant! On my own I don’t even have the will power to go out my local area. If people talk to me while I’m alone I feel jumpy and go blank. To walk down a road I have never been before leads me quickly to panic.


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Oct. 22nd, 2006 07:19 pm (UTC)
yeh I reckon my mums behaviour effected me a lot.

she over reacted to tiny things and now everything makes me panic. she was alsp very unpredictable and stuff.

she also is hard to talk to because she jumps on everything I say or do. like if i tell her Im taking a holiday (which i am) she will go on about money and things.. all the stuff that Iwill be paranoid about usually. meep!
Oct. 23rd, 2006 10:13 am (UTC)

I think I learned to worry over crap from my dad because he always insists on asking questions and making statements about how we're all gonna die and run out of food and money. And my mother .... well, you know how that goes :\ I worry about *everything* now and it's essentially assuming that everyone is gonna be as judgemental and nasty as she is!

And yeah, I'm okay with other people ;) Depends what I'm doing really... I'm still nervous but I can manage it. I'm always freaked in pubs, clubs & restaraunts but otherwise I'm okay.

And yes yes to your last two sentences. I want to die when old ladies talk to me, or someone asks directions!
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